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The Tale

The Chronicles of Shara Malise

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A Warrior's Path: The Chronicles of Shara Malise' is the thrilling continuation of the epic tale that began in A Warrior's Path: Alpha set in Africa in the year 2375. The story follows Shara Malise', the only female member of the New Senegalese Imperial Guard. Her battalion has been sent on what many believe is a suicide mission to the region of Chaka, to hunt and wipe out the demon terrorist group known as The Onyx. But something is very wrong. Someone is watching them. Someone has betrayed them. Someone wants to claim their souls. The Chronicles of Shara Malise' is a spiraling tale of sacrifice, the tragedy of war, and one woman's struggle to simply return home to the man she loves. The Chronicles of Shara Malise' is unlike any comic book you have ever seen, or will ever see again. 



A Warrior’s Path: Alpha is a sci-fi, adventure- thriller, that spirals through two time periods, two nations at war, and one unlikely hero, who’s simple words may unravel the fabric our reality. Keith Wade is a sensitive 32 year old substitute teacher. An insecure, young man who’s scared as hell to become a father in a few months …until she crosses his path. When an old homeless woman who claims to be from the future warns him that demons called the “Onyx” have followed her through time with the sole purpose of killing him before he ever tells the tale… The tale of Mojo Symia. A tale of Kemet and New Senegal. The tale of Shara Malise’. A tale set 375 years from now. The tale that must be told. These two, and all those they care for, are caught in a maddening labyrinth of terror, tragedy and the lust of destruction fueled by the one called The Pinnacle. Their only hope, to find and follow…A Warrior’s Path. 


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