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Keith C. Wadeis one of the most unique and bold new voices in the entertainment industry today. This multi-faceted, multi-talented actor/director/writer is revolutionizing and re-imagining the cultural concepts of art in almost every form of media. As an actor, his 34 year career in theatre spans nearly 100 staged productions and a multitude of some of the most challenging and classic roles a actor could hope for. From the title role in “Othello”, to a Flying Monkey in “The Wiz”, to the Sudanese monster of a man in the gripping drama “In Darfur…” Wade is according to The Miami Herald “Worth the price of admission alone.” His television credits are growing by leaps and bounds with appearances on “Burn Notice”, “Graceland”, “I Am Frankie” and a breakout performance on the new OWN network series “ David Makes Man” 


As an award winning director, Wade has been recognized several times for his work in the “big chair” on both the stage and screen. He was honored with the award of “Excellence in Directing” for the play “For Colored Girls” by Florida Int. University. In 2008, his short film “Hearing Huny” was given the title of  “Audience Favorite” during the 48 hour Film Festival. That same year he took on the task of writing and directing the ground breaking reality show for R&B icon Ginuwinetitled “Ginuwine: A New Beginning”.


It is with his writing however, that Keith finds the most joy, and makes the biggest impact. His most recent stage work, “HUSTLE : Cause these @#%&* Aint Playin”has received critical acclaim from around the country, being called a “modern day Invisible Man” by the Urban America Magazine. “Wade definitely has game” as quoted by the Miami Herald, and “the best African American play written about males since A Soldier’s Story”,by the Miami-Dade Cultural Affairs Committee. In only three short months it attracted the attention of director Spike Lee, the Yale Repertory Theater as well a number of companies around the country, and in 2006 was nominated as a strong contender for the Pulitzer Prize. His profoundly versatile style reaches into every aspect of the African American experience. From his children’s play “Anansi and the Webof Time”to the gut wrenching court room drama “The Fiction of Law”,Wade’s unapologetic, “outside the box” approach to his work has people talking. As a sci-fi novelist, Wade’s “A Warrior’s Path Alpha”is a work that according to Barnes and Noble .com “is already comparable to classics like The Time Machineand Dune”.  2018 marked the release of his first full length feature film “7:02”, a spiraling, roller coaster thriller/horror taking place on the night of President Obama’s election, and the release of the sequel to A Warrior’s Path his first comic book A Warrior’s Path: The Chronicles of Shara Malise’.





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